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Edited by Sarah Kanouse et al
Viroqua, Wisconsin: Heavy Duty Press
Pages: 60
Dimensions: 8.5 x 6.75"
Cover: soft
Binding: perfect
Process: offset
Color: color cover, b&w
Edition size: 500
ISBN: none

The full title of the book is: A Call to Farms: Continental Drift through the Midwest Radical Culture Corridor

From the introduction by Sarah Kanouse:

From June 4 to 14, 2008, a group of people traveled through Illinois and Wisconsin in search of a Radical Midwest. Starting in Urbana, Illinois and winding our way through Chicago, Milwaukee, rural Wisconsin, and Madison, we visited places where alternate pasts and futures sprout up and grow roots in the stress-fractures of a society built on violence, exploitation, and environmental destruction. We visited community groups fighting power companies for decades of environmental racism; learned about preserving Underground Railroad sites in Chicago; watched a 35-year old film about revolutionary black street gangs with the man who wrote it; cleaned a flood-damaged bookstore; and passed the time on many, many farms. The group gained, lost, and regained members along the way, and when we parted ways we decided to put together a book to better understand - for ourselves, by sharing with others - what felt so urgent, so profound, and so joyful about the experience. This is that book.

Contributions by: Claire Pentecost, Jessica Lawless and Sarah Ross, Lisa Bralts-Kelly, Brett Bloom and Bonnie Fortune, Ryan Griffis, Mike Wolf, Martha Boyd and Naomi Davis, Rebecca Zorach, Nicolas Lampert, The Langby Family, Eric Haas, Sarah Holm, Brian Holmes, Dan S. Wang, mIEKAL aND,and Sarah Kanouse
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