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By The Llano Del Rio working group
Los Angeles, CA: The Llano Del Rio working group, 2010
Pages: 2
Dimensions: folded - 6 in x 9 in; unfolded - 24” in x 18” in
Cover: none
Binding: folded twice
Process: offset
Color: full color
Edition Size: unknown
ISBN: none

We are suckers for really nicely designed maps. And when they celebrate independent city infrastructure and culture, then that is even better. This map of LA was drawn, and colored, by hand. The great folks at The Department of Graphic Sciences did the design work. The map's whimsical character invites you to the other LA that the makers of the map participate in and populate with their efforts and their desire for a more inclusive, ecologically sustainable, counter-culturally-richer LA.

One side of this publication has 4 small maps of different parts of LA. The reverse side has detailed descriptions of the places on the map, plus two essays: "Micro-Geographies: Seeds Inside/Outside of LA" and "This is not a green guide".

The makers of the map describe it like this:

The full color, two sided, map sites and describes locations that support, dream, act and aid in the creation of an other Los Angeles. Beekeepers, Greywater Operators, Hacker Spaces, Cooperatives, Collectives, Art Spaces, Radical Places, Gardens, Swimming Holes, Cooking Collectives, Think Tanks, etc.
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