By Selma Miriam
Adler & Frankia, Bridgeport, CT, 2023
Pages: 36
Dimensions: 8 14/4 x 4 5/8 in
Cover: Paper
Binding: sewn-bound
Process: RISO
Color: blue RISO 
Edition unknown
ISBN: none

Publication #5 in Emily Larned's ongoing Effemera Reissue series (Damn autocorrect wants to change this smart title to Ephemera because it can't handle the publisher's creativity!). A lovingly hand-labored production with silver thread sewn binding and that funky folded style of making the pages where you can interact with the publication by slicing the top of each fold open to activate the full page turnability of the booklet. If you can't handle doing that (raises hand, tentatively), don't fear because Emily's design still allows you to read everything quite easily without making any cuts. Also, gravestone rubbings are a genius thing to incorporate into a RISO-printed booklet. Important content for our times that are filled with so much grief. 

From the publisher:

“Sometimes nothing can be done to change things, and hurt and anger must be transmuted . . ."

A lovely contemplative pamphlet designed to be given as a gift to a friend in need. The pages are intended to be cut at top by the recipient. The essay was originally published in 1984 as the last recipe in a Bloodroot feminist vegetarian cookbook (also see Our daily lives have to be a satisfaction in themselves, which includes this essay as a chapter in the book!), this new version is hand-sewn and illustrated with New England gravestone rubbings.


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