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By The Llano Del Rio Collective. Co-produced with Content-Object
Los Angeles, CA: The Llano Del Rio Collective, 2013
Pages: 16
Dimensions: folded - 6" x 9"; unfolded - 6” x 18”
Cover: soft
Binding: staple-bound
Process: offset
Color: Two color
Edition Size: 1000
ISBN: none

Living in any city is easier to negotiate when you know who the city's assholes are and you can avoid them at all costs. Or maybe you don't want to avoid them but want to confront them and perhaps even attempt the noble task of trying to persuade them to change their assholish ways? Enter the Llano del Rio Collective with their third free guide (free only in Los Angeles - sorry). Recently while in Los Angeles on Temporary Services and Half Letter Press business, we were able to pick up a bunch of copies directly from collective member Robby Herbst who, we are really happy to say, is definitely not an asshole.

More information from the press release:

Over 80 annotated entries locate banks, businesses, politicians and polluters, war contractors and museums, a troll, a yeller, and a cruel misdial. This list was sourced through an open public call and research. The guide frames for users sites worthy of creative exploration in Los Angeles, we hope your practice benefits from it.

The guide also includes short essays framing antagonism within Los Angeles social and cultural history; contributions by The Llano Del Rio Collective, Marisa Jahn, Lisa Anne Auerbach, Laura Pullido, and Jennifer Flores Sternad.

An Antagonist’s Guide to the Assholes In LA is the 3rd free map/guide to Los Angeles by the Llano Del Rio Collective. Past guides are A Map For An Other LA (sites of collectivist projects) and Scores For The City (locations for aberrant public behavior).

The Llano Del Rio Collective (www.ldrg.wordpress.com) aims to expand cultural, social, and political imagination of Los Angeles through the production of thematic guides, related events and the hosting of a speakers bureau. We aim to frame practices, rather then be a practice. The project draws its name from the socialist colony founded in California’s Antelope Valley by Job Harriman in the early Twentieth Century. Though not strictly a collective we negotiate collectivist ideals with an advisory group currently constituted by Katie Bachler, Sandra de la Loza, John Burtle, Adam Overton, Hector Gallegos, Ashley Hunt, Tom McKenzie, Ken Ehrlich, Kelly Marie Martin, Steve Anderson, Janet Sarbanes, Fritz Haeg, Kimberly Varella, Erin Schneider, Nicole Antebi, Lara Bank, Jen Hofer, and Colin Dickey. The Llano Del Rio Collective is organized by Robby Herbst.

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