Edited by: Rebecca Zorach
Chicago, IL: AREA Chicago, 2013
Pages: 64
Dimensions: 11.5" x 17"
Cover: soft (newspaper stock)
Binding: double-fold
Process: web offset
Color: Two color cover, b&w throughout with color glossy insert
Edition Size: 5000
ISBN: none

AREA Chicago continues to be a source of much inspiration and we continue to distribute each new thematic issue. This one asks: "Where are living now?" and documents some important Chicago housing struggles. There is a LOT in this issue, as always, but some key subject divisions focus on: Housing Histories, Notes from the Current Crisis, The CHA (with a great account of the CHAos art interventionist project, Gentrification in Pilsen, and a group of seven essays under the banner "Making It Work."

More from the publisher:

AREA Issue #13: Home Fronts, Housing Struggles explores the contested ground where we live and have lived: the history and current state of “housing” in Chicago and the political, personal, and imaginative meanings that accompany these physical spaces and the struggles for them. The issue’s themes include stories and histories of housing in Chicago; the CHA’s Plan for Transformation and its ongoing aftermath; current struggles in Chicago around foreclosure and eviction, detention, and uneven development; housing alternatives and the labor of care; and the effects of gentrification in the Pilsen neighborhood.

Edited by Rebecca Zorach. With contributions by:

Keeanga Yamatta Taylor, Jason Reblando, The Chicago Coalition of Household Workers, Pauline Lipman, Adam Ballard, Sarah Jane Rhee, Heather Radke, Alison Fisher, Queer to the Left, Larry Shure, Phillis Humphries and Deborah Taylor, Crystal Vance Guerra, Mary Pattillo, Damon Rich, Ingrid Haftel, Kelly Humrichouser, Bert Stabler, Basia Toczydlowska, CHAOS Agents, Nicole Marroquin, José G. Herrera Soto, Nyki Salinas Duda, Euan Hague and Winifred Curran, Mark Walden, Merlene Robinson-Parsons, Maria Dolores , Gloria Haris ,Virginia Morales , Vicente Gutierrez, Mary Bonelli , Marcia Iza, Silvia Baca, Yesenia Tellez, Patricia Hill, Kim Scardina, Patricia Scardina, John Newman, Victoria Rivera, Keosha Cummings, Tom Hansen, Tom Tresser, Tricia Van Eck, Neighborhood Writing Alliance, Rozalinda Borcila and Daniel Carrillo, Loren A Seeger, Jayne Hileman, Marie Shebeck, David Nekimken, Jesse Proudfoot, Jake Norris, Jennie Rudderham and Jasson Perez, Michael W. Phillips Jr, and Jerome Grand.

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