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By Cate Stevens-Davis
Valencia, California: Stamped Books, 2012
Pages: 42
Dimensions: 3.25 in x 3.25 in
Cover: cardstock
Binding: hand knotted
Process: digital with hand binding, hand stamping, hand cutting and hand numbering
Color: (of tex) black (of pages) pink, red, cream
Edition Size: 150 numbered copies
ISBN: none

From the publisher:

"The second book from Stamped Books is Big Women, Big Girls - a small, thick multi-colored book with flash fiction by Cate Stevens-Davis. The book itself has long "hairs" coming off the side and thick pages that range in size.The text gives insight into the world of plus-sized women; It enters into their insecurities, but also their passions. The stories range from heartfelt, encounters to hilarious bar pick-ups."

The writer bio for this book is also really excellent:

"Despite what you've heard about fat people, actual fat person Cate Stevens-Davis has fallen in and out of love, had adventures on three continents, and never been stuck in a chair. She has also earned an MFA from Chatham University in 2009 and her work has appeared in Six Sentences, the shady side review, The Linnet's Wings and others. Cate lives, writes, and fats around town in Pittsburgh, PA."

Stamped Books has a mission and we are happy to include that in this listing as well:

To produce handmade chapbooks crafted with inventiveness and ink.
To produce chapbooks that contains accessible content.
To produce objects that intertwine the use of rubber stamps.
To produce high quality letterpressed objects.
To produce books that reflects the Grateful Dead’s live shows. Every show, over their 30-year history, was different. Every book is hand stamped with a rubber stamp in a unique way or assembled with different colored papers and threads, giving the person an individual read and experience with the book.
To keep up a blog so people can learn about how to make handmade books.
To collaborate with artists, art makers, and all people in between on book design, cover design, stamp design, broadside design, etc.

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