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Various Artists
Portland: Justseeds and Stumptown Printers, 2006
Pages: 16
Dimensions: 4" X 6"
Cover: soft
Binding: Loose postcards and folded info sheet inside printed cardboard box/folder
Process: Offset cards in letterpress box
Edition size: 1000
ISBN: none

There's a very good chance that some point in your life you've walked into one of the world's finer radical book stores, exhibition spaces, gathering sites, classrooms, community centers, or Anarchist book fairs and run right smack into the beautiful Celebrate People's History poster project. These stunning and informative posters by a range of artists have decorated the walls of many a great establishment over the years. Now some of the sharpest images from the series are also available in postcard form in two different sets that are almost book-like in their density of information and graphics.

From Justseeds.org:

"A collaboration between Justseeds and Stumptown Printers, this is a beautiful letter-pressed boxed set of 16 full color offset printed postcard versions of early Celebrate People's History posters. It's been years since some of the early posters have been in circulation, so this was a great way to recirculate the early posters, like Malcolm X and Mayday. Here's a complete list of the postcards included: Malcolm X, Mayday, John Brown, Dr. Marie Equi, Little Bighorn, Harriet Tubman, Sylvia Ray Rivera, Jane Collective, Emma Goldman, Augusto Sandino, Battle of Homestead, Fred Hampton, Elise Reclus, Wangari Maathai, Phoolan Devi and Mujeres Libres."
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