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By Erin Kimber and Luke Wood (eds.)
Christchurch, New Zealand, printed by Ilam Press, 2016
Pages: 166
Dimensions: 5 in X 7 3/4 in
Cover: soft
Binding: perfect bound
Process: RISO and laser offset
Color: full color
Edition size: 300
ISBN: ISSN: 2463-4274

We were able to score a small stack of copies of this outstanding punkish paperback publication when we had the pleasure of meeting Cheap Thrills co-editor Luke Wood as well as Aaron Beehre at the Rrréplica-02 Book Fair in Mexico City. That's how it works sometimes—you travel all the way to Mexico to meet people who came all the way from New Zealand! Cheap Thrills is a book-like journal dedicated to underground music culture in New Zealand and it's great to see something with such a strong regional focus that isn't trying to take on the world, but is instead delving deep into where it is and what it knows. This compact and beautifully executed publication is jammed with content. It was hard to scan the insides without crushing the spine - you really need to hold this in your hands to appreciate how great it looks and feels! In short, if you've ever enjoyed a record on the Flying Nun label, you probably need this.

There are contributions by Michael McClelland, Luke Wood, Nikki O'Connor, Gemma Syme, Ducklingmonster, William Daymond, Pat Kraus, Stuart Page, Matt Scobie, Harrison Croxley, Nich Cunningham, Dave Branton, Nick Harte, Rata Holtslag, Hamish Peterson, Christie Simpson, Brian Feary, Hannah Herchenbach, Matthew Talbot and Maryann Savage.

Feature subjects are as follows:

On the Value of Music by Matt Scobie

Interview with a Super-Fan: Martina Brito by Brian Feary

An interview with the band Hex

A reflection on touring with the band Yumi Zouma

An interview with Simon McClaren from Loves Ugly Children and The Subliminals

A reflection on the band Sharpie Crows

An inventory of cover songs performed by bands on the Flying Nun record label

Photos by Stuart Page of punk disco nights that took place in 1978 in Christchurch

An interview with the band Golden Orange

An interview with Teneti Ririnui

and a whole bunch more!

As a bonus, this issue comes with a 20 page Spanish supplement that was printed in an edition of just 30 copies.

Ilam Press describes itself as follows: "The Ilam Press is a non-profit arts publishing project operating out of the Ilam School of Fine Arts at the University of Canterbury (Christchurch, New Zealand). Established by Aaron Beehre and Luke Wood in 2011, the press operates as a center for both teaching and research at the school, while also providing significant connections and working relationships with artists, designers, curators, and institutions in New Zealand and internationally.:

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