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By: Peter Miles Bergman, is Press & The Institute for Sociometry
Denver, CO: is Press, 2018 (second edition)
Pages: 28
Dimensions: 5.5" x 8.5”
Cover: softcover
Binding: stitch-binding
Process: laser printed with letterpress, hand numbered
Color: full color
Edition Size: 50, numbered
ISBN: none

Another spirited project from our publisher pal Peter Miles Bergman, whose work regularly considers how artists can engage the public in expansive and generous ways.

From the publisher: "coats4TEENS was an Institute of Sociometry holiday coat drive for “irresponsible teens who leave the house without their perfectly good coat and are going to catch their death!” Though there were limited opportunities to get thrift-store hipster coats into the hands of basic teens, there was plenty of demand from street-kids! This photography project and written narrative is a meditation on homelessness, responsibility, charity, religion and art."


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