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Edited by Cleo Woelfle-Erskine, July Oskar Cole, Laura Allen
New York: Soft Skull Press, 2007
Dimensions: 9" x 7"
Cover: soft
Binding: perfect bound
Process: unknown
Color: color cover, b&w throughout
Edition: unknown
ISBN-10: 1932360808
ISBN-13: 978-1932360806

IMPORTANT NOTE: The last copy of this we have in stock got a bit banged up during shipping to us. One corner edge was knocked and the lower cover edge got a big banged too. The binding is perfectly strong, however. We've marked this down from its usual $19.95 retail price so if you need a 'reader' copy and can handle less than perfect condition, please don't hesitate to snap this up!

This book is by the amazing folks who brought us the Guerrilla Graywater Girls' Guide to Water zine! One of our all time favorite zines. Try and find a copy of a copy of a copy somewhere and you won't be disappointed. Dam Nation builds on those early efforts in some ground (and pipe) breaking ways. These folks aren't afraid to unplug their houses and their heads from the wasteful and irrational ways we use water. This book is essential for thinking about resilient, sensible ways to use, conserve, reuse and understand water.

Here is what Soft Skull says about the book:

Dam Nation combines environmental victories in the sustainable-use movement with hands-on, participatory options for country and city dwellers. Not just a "how to" but a "why to," the book begins with the story of dams in the American West--a story in which millions of acres of perfect farmland were flooded in order to irrigate the marginal land that, due to the same natural process that destroyed several ancient Native American civilizations, would turn the area into the Dust Bowl. Cleo Woelfle-Erskine and Laura Allen, both restoration activists and educators, demand a different approach for American watersheds and taxpayers. Through their own experiments with alternative water systems and thousands of hours of interviews with innovators from around the world, they create a comprehensive plan for re-using household water, constructing miniature wetlands, and improving our communities' physical and political healths.

"The politics of water – as this brilliant anthology makes clear – are the politics of human survival. Read this, and believe me, you'll never flush with the same equanimity again."
- Mike Davis

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