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By Bert and Holly Davis
Bloomington, Indiana: Microcosm Publishing
Pages: 176
Dimensions: 8.5 in x 5.5 in
Cover: soft
Binding: perfect bound
Process: digital
Color: two-color cover, b&w throughout
Edition size: unknown
ISBN: 978-1-934620-08-3

For many years it was really hard to find copies of Dwelling Portably, one of the best zines that has ever been made. It wasn't until the folks at Microcosm started doing what they do best, compiling zines, reprinting them, and making them available for cheap, that the world had access again to this really inspiring publication.

The original copies of Dwelling Portably were made with a typewriter. The wonderful images that are on the front and back covers, and sprinkled throughout, were hand drawn. The entire thing compiled and photocopied. This format has made the publication easy to reproduce. Microcosm scanned old copies and reproduced them all together in a series of collections. This is the first of three.

Microcosm describes the book:

Dwelling Portably has been crammed full of information about living without a permanent residence for nearly 30 years! Super helpful and informative tips for biking, tents, showering, cooking, and living. Written by many folks who have lived the lifestyle far outside of cities and bereft of technology. According to many readers, '80-89 was their best material and here it is reprinted again in entirety (sans things that have become obsolete).

Read what others had to say about the book:

"Many detailed tips on tent living; woods living; urban living in a car, van, or bus. Easy to understand; for readers who're actually walking the walk."
- Zine World

"A different sort of lifestyle awaits those with endless wanderlust. "Dwelling Portably" is a combination memoir and guide to daily life when one doesn't call a stationary place home. Focusing on the skills, tips, tricks, and advice needed to live comfortably and healthily, whether in a tent, car, van, or bus, "Dwelling Portably" lives up to its title. Packed with everything one needs to know if they want to (or have to) adapt to this lifestyle, and all of the adventure that comes with it, "Dwelling Portably" covers everything from cooking food without a stove to washing one's clothes without a washing machine. Especially recommended for outdoors enthusiasts."
- Midwest Book Review, Small Press Bookwatch, August 2008

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