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By: Flatlands Press
Chicago, IL 2019
Pages: 32
Dimensions: 7 in x 10.25 in
Cover: Card stock
Binding: Staple bound
Process: Risograph
Color: Mint, Green, Aqua and Gray Riso inks
Edition size: unknown
ISBN: none

Founded in 2007, Flatlands Press is owned and operated by Eric Von Haynes. Eric is an artist, publisher, designer, and curator whose work synthesizes old and new printing methods and aesthetics. While design and printmaking are his passions, he is energized by collaborations and the ideas and challenges that come from working with a community. Flatlands has created art objects and printed ephemera for artists worldwide. One of the core tenets at Flatlands Press is community building and making the invisible visible.

This is one of those publications that we should have included in the store a long time ago. It is no longer in print and these are five copies that the publisher, Flatlands Press / Eric Von Haynes, sent to us. This publication is meticulously crafted: from the careful printing, to the rounded corners, and the graceful finishing, this publication creates a meditative space. It is comprised of images of waves that Von Haynes photographed in Costa Rica. It satisfying to hold and drift through.

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