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By Radius. Ed. Amelia Ishmael, Interviews and introductions: Amelia Ishmael, Contributors: Jeff Kolar, Lindsey french, Anthony Janas, Gambletron, Johnny Forever, Design: Nick Ferreira, Photography: Meg T. Noe
Chicago, IL, Radius, 2018
Pages: 40
Dimensions: 5.5 in X 8.5 in
Cover: Paper
Binding: staplebound
Process: b/w digital
Color: b/w
Edition size: 100
ISBN: none

The Radius gang turns out yet another sharp publication alongside their compelling sonic endeavors. This one also comes with some bonus RISO printed postcards in addition to what is described here. Limited quantity. Be sure to check out their other booklet "Grids" which we are also carrying.

"Between May and September 2016, Radius commissioned Lindsey french, Anthony Janas, and the duo Gambletron & Johnny Forever to create site-specific broadcast programs for GROUND. Their work comprised three episodes (73, 74, and 75), which were transmitted live from different temporary stations throughout the greater Chicago region: a greenhouse, a lake, and a state park. This publication exists as a commemoration of the 2016 GROUND series. Consisting of interviews with each of the GROUND artists, it signals a postbroadcast opportunity for us to reflect with each project’s creator(s) after the series’ completion." - Excerpt from introduction by Amelia Ishmael



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