By Eric Schierloh
Public Collectors, Chicago, IL, 2022
Pages: 8
Dimensions: 5 1/2 in x 8 1/2 in
Cover: Paper
Binding: saddle stitched
Process: RISO and laser printing
Color: Two-color RISO and black laser
Edition size: 135 (Second printing with Black and Teal ink covers on Ivory paper: 123; Third printing with Teal and Burgundy Ink covers on Red paper: 98. Fourth printing with Grass and Teal ink covers on Grey paper: 113. Fifth printing with Burgundy and Grass ink on tan covers: 195 copies). Sixth printing with Purple and Gray ink on light green tile covers (100 copies) Seventh printing with Burgundy and Blue ink on blue gray construction paper covers (123 copies). Eight printing: Laser printing with Blue and Grass two-color Risograph on pastel green covers: 248 copies).
ISBN: none


This publication is the result of a warm exchange between Public Collectors and Eric Schierloh of the press Barba de Abejas, (Beard of Bees). 

In 2020 Eric wrote this essay that he translated into English with an American friend, Paul Paul Holzman, who also lives in Buenos Aires. In December 2021, Eric reached out to me to share his enthusiasm for my text “Towards a Self Sustaining Publishing Model.” Eric proposed making a Spanish translation and publishing my writing as a cheap edition in Argentina. He felt my text had similarities to his own words; the two works share a similar spirit of encouraging publishing experimentation outside of typically limiting market constraints.

Though Eric’s text had already been published in English in World Literature Today magazine and translated into French by the cardboard press La Liebre Dorada, we agreed that it could still be worthwhile to make a US edition that stood alone. So, in a celebration of artist publishing exchanges, Public Collectors is happy to share Eric Schierloh’s inspiring writing. It provides many potential creative paths forward for people with access to any form of printing, and any materials that could be used to make a book. 

— Marc Fischer / Public Collectors

Eric Schierloh (Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1981) is writer, translator, editor-publisher and printer. He runs the artisan publishing house, typographic workshop and digital archive Barba de Abejas. Founded in 2010 it publishes homeprint and handmade books in successive editions of 25 and 50 numbered copies, which means that books never run out. Thus Barba de Abejas rationalizes its place in the market with a patient bee working, trying also to live together in the environment with writings and unique publications. The catalog focuses on literary translation and object-books, the arts and craft of the book and contemporary writings. Schierloh regularly dictates the Workshop (itinerant /virtual) of Artisan Publication.

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