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By Zoe Leonard
Mexico City, Mexico: Gato Negro Ediciones, 2017
Pages: 36
Dimensions: 3 1/8 in X 4 1/8" in
Cover: soft
Binding: perfect bound
Process: RISO
Color: Orange and black
Edition size: unknown
ISBN: none

In addition to making new things that have never been published before, our friends at Gato Negro Ediciones in Mexico City always have a great eye for turning preexisting texts into new works that may not have ever been presented as stand-alone books. Printed in their usual ink-heavy manner with their typically strong sense of design, the power still radiates from this text, no matter the small printed format. From the inside front cover: "Written in the early 1990s, this poem-manifesto was first published in 1992, following the announcement of the poet and activist Eileen Myles as a candidate to the presidency of the United States."



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