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By Temporary Services
Chicago, Illinois: Temporary Services, 2012
Pages: poster-booklet with 8 pages on one side and a poster on the other
Dimensions: A2 (23.4" x 16.5") poster that folds down to an A5 (8.3" x 5.38") booklet
Cover: soft cover
Binding: folded
Process: offset
Color: full color poster / two-color booklet
Edition Size: 500
ISBN: none

Music Mountain was a series of concerts organized by Temporary Services for Tingbjerg, a community on the outskirts of Copenhagen. The title of this concert series was inspired by the accidental translation of the name Tingbjerg as “Things Mountain” in English.

We invited seven groups to play a series of five concerts in the shared city spaces of Tingbjerg. The concerts cost nothing to attend. We believe that exciting live music should be available in all places and for all ages – not just large cities with deeply established music scenes, or only in bars. Public performances can create unusual social experiences, that can lead to not only a changed sense of a neighborhood, but a new sense of ourselves. Where do we live and what is possible there?

Like many past projects organized by Temporary Services, Music Mountain was an effort to collaborate with other artists and bring vital experimental culture to new audiences in unexpected places.

Working in groups finds far greater acceptance in the world of music than visual art. As a group of artists, we find particular value in working with other groups across disciplines and promoting collaboration. We are also huge fans of music and find few things more exciting than watching bands make music together in a live situation. We have tried to include a variety of genres but also recognize that seven bands can only represent so many sounds.

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