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By Deborah Stratman
Chicago, IL: Self-published, 2002
Pages: 50
Dimensions: 8.5” in x 5.5” in
Cover: cardstock
Binding: staple-bound
Process: photocopy
Color: b&w
Edition Size: unlimited
ISBN: none

We are big fans of Deborah Stratman. We wish there were many more publications by and about her. She made this booklet as a part of a project she did in Wendover, Utah at the Center for Land Use Interpretation's residency site. She built a visitor-operated radio tower in Wendover. Click for more about the project.

Power/Exchange is a double-booklet - meaning a different booklet starts from each end. One booklet is "Power" and the other is "Exchange". Both contain maps, diagrams, and extensive photographs, by Stratman, describing the communications and energy corridors that effect Wendover.

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