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by Temporary Services
Chicago: Half Letter Press. 2008
Pages: 152
Dimensions: 8.5in x 5.5 in
Cover: soft
Binding: perfect bound, sewn
Process: digital
Color: color cover, full color
Edition Size: 1750
ISBN-13: 978-0-9818023-0-5, ISBN-10: 0-9818023-0-3

A few remaining pristine copies unearthed from storage! 

This book is the result of over ten years of photographic documentation and research on the variety of modifications and inventions people make in public. From roadside memorials to makeshift barriers, people consistently alter shared common spaces to suit their needs, or let both man-made and natural aberrations run wild. The result is a new kind of public space – with creative and inspiring moments that push past the original planned design of cities.

Images and text by: Temporary Services, Polonca Lovšin, Joseph Heathcott & Damon Rich, Boštjan Bugaric, Ana Celigoj, Maša Cvetko, Marko Horvat, Meta Kos, Darjan Mihajlović, Danijel Modrej, Maja Modrijan, and Sonja Zlobko

Selected pages from the book below.

The Wooster Collective chose Public Phenomena to start their "Books We Love" series.

Read what others had to say about the book:

"Tonight I made some time to get lost in the new book from Temporary Services, Public Phenomena. It is, on balance, an impressive document, and an enjoyable book experience." (READ MORE...)
- By Dan S. Wang, Propositions Press

The book’s contributors find aesthetic interest and expressions of individual or communal intent in roadside memorials, makeshift fences, signs listing block clubs’ rules of conduct and the aforementioned parking-place savers. Instead of exclusive institutions, Public Phenomena focuses on the street and public space. (READ MORE...)
- By Lauren Weinberg, Time Out Chicago

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