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By: Temporary Services
Chicago: Temporary Services, March 2015
Pages: 28
Dimensions: 5.5 in” x 8.5” in
Cover: soft cover
Binding: staple bound
Process:Risograph and digital color copy
Color: two color cover and interior with full color insert
Edition Size: 410 (Second printing of 125 copies in February 2018)
ISBN: none

Temporary Services booklet #114 and another publication created out of the energy of our Publishing Clearing House initiative. 

Last Summer in 2014 we drove down to Monee, Illinois to meet Anthony Rayson of ABC 'Zine Distro and talk to him about his work. Anthony has been self-publishing for the better part of 40 years and we were particularly interested in the work he's done to both distribute 'zines to prisoners, as well as to publish their writings, art, and complete 'zines. In addition to interviewing Anthony about his amazing history of publishing-related activism and all of the challenges of dealing with the prison system, we also scanned many examples of the powerful art that prisoners have sent him over the years. This booklet presents an interview with Anthony, prisoners' art from his archives, with seven pages given over to the particularly powerful art of Kevid "Rashid" Johnson, a longtime friend of Rayson's and a prisoner who is currently incarcerated in Amarillo, Texas. 

For those who are as obsessed with Risograph printing as we have become, this is our first booklet to feature our new Teal ink drum! (Sorry, we are a little too excited about it and had to share that detail.) 

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