By Manfred Naescher
Berlin, Germany: self-published, 2009
Pages: 40
Dimensions: 8.1” in x 5.7” in
Cover: cardstock
Binding: staplebound
Process: digital printing
Color: full color throughout
Edition Size: 50
ISBN: none

Manfred Naescher's publications are well executed from the generation of hand painted images of screenshots from movies that fill his publications, to the exacting and beautiful layout and printing. Naescher doesn't make a lot of copies of each booklet so get copies of his publications while you can.

On the zine series Screenshots:
Screenshots is both an homage and an exploration of film in the form of an ongoing series of picture fanzines; a printed publication of recontextualized, reconfigured cinematic imagery, as interpreted through serial paintings. Each appropriated series of screenshots turns into a subjective take on cinematic memory, in a deliberate play with narrative forms and their inherent property of artifice. Source imagery from motion pictures is transformed into a fragmented series of reimagined still images in a zine—a complex, collaborative production is processed through the personal act of drawing, painting, and self-publishing.

Screenshots #5: Endless Summer:
The film The Endless Summer follows two surfers on their quest for the perfect wave while sustaining a year-long Summer on a trip around the world.

This zine re-imagines The Endless Summer as a constant state of suspension in space. There is no mainland, no travelling, no beach, no waves, no movement, only a pervasive warmth. The surfers are mere two-dimensional shapes in a field of color, depicted in suspended moments not of surfing, but of either waiting or wiping out.

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