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By: The Kwiatkowski Press and is PRESS
Denver, CO: is PRESS, 2020 (third edition)
Pages: 20
Dimensions: 5.5" x 8.5”
Cover: softcover
Binding: stitch-binding
Process: laser printed with metallic ink, blue paper letterpress cover
Color: full color
Edition Size: unknown
ISBN: none

Another beautiful publication from our friends at is PRESS, this time featuring incisive prints depicting urban struggles by Frank Kwiatkowski. Our scans don't do justice to the super cool metallic ink cover. is PRESS always lovingly details the processes that are used to create their publications so let's just hear it straight from the source. 

"Slave Nation is a 20 page, 5.5 x 8.5″ zine featuring reproductions of prints made from engraved traffic cones by Denver’s Frank Kwiatkowski “the father of the conecut.” The cover is printed in silver ink off of Frank’s engraved traffic cones on 120lb. red or blue Neenah Plike or 100lb. Neenah Eclipse Black with a Vandercook Letterpress. Each front cover variant has the other cover variant as the back cover! The interior pages are scans of Frank’s prints with commentary and quotes digitally printed on 80lb. coated white text-weight stock...

Slave Nation is an aesthetic and poetic examination of displacement, gentrification, rampant property development, #occupy, and resistance."

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