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By Marc Fischer and Nance Klehm
Chicago, IL: Marc Fischer and Nance Klehm, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay 2006
Pages: 2
Dimensions: 11" x 17"
Cover: soft
Binding: none
Process: offset
Color: color
Edition Size: unknown
ISBN: none

Stash was a collaborative project by Marc Fischer and Nance Klehm that was staged in two parts. The first part consisted of a public exhibition of the project components along with supplemental photos at the Lawton Gallery at University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. The second part was the quiet outdoor dispersal of the project throughout public spaces in Chicago; the objects were be scattered in unannounced locations, without permission. At that point, their use, removal or destruction was determined by the passersby, neighbors, city workers and tenants who encounter these objects.

Stash consisted of ten hand-made objects whose forms mimic or draw influence from common outdoor urban fixtures that we observed in the Chicago landscape. These forms included: metal and concrete poles and other protectors that prevent cars from hitting the corners of buildings, sand bags, electrical and telephone utility boxes, flower planters, wooden boxes that cover unfinished electrical ground fixtures, large rocks that are placed in traffic islands and driveways as barriers or decorations, and mysterious remnants of once functional fixtures that remain in situ.

The poster for Stash includes research photos of the types of objects that the artists mimicked, a text by Fischer and Klehm and photos of some of the objects they placed around Chicago after the gallery exhibition closed.

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