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By Temporary Services with The Dicks
Chicago, IL: Temporary Services November 2008
Pages: 32
Dimensions: 8.5 in x 5.5 in
Cover: paper back, die cut
Binding: staple-bound
Process: offset cover, digital insides
Color: metallic ink cover, black insides
Edition Size: 475
ISBN: none

This booklet, #82, is the third in our interview series Temporary Conversations. Some excerpts from the introduction:

"The Dicks were confrontational right out of the gate. A seminal band, and not just because singer Gary Floyd sometimes threw condoms filled with fake cum into the crowd.

By all accounts, the Dicks challenged their audiences and revealed new possibilities. They made their concerts a hell of an experience and created memorable political music with a sound that was completely their own.

The Dicks formed in Austin in 1980. They relocated to San Francisco and changed personnel halfway through the duration of the group, before breaking up in 1986."

... "For this booklet we wanted to include not just members of the Dicks’ Austin line up, but also hear from others who witnessed their Texas years. Tim Kerr of the Big Boys, a band that shared many shows and the aforementioned live split LP with the Dicks, offers a short but sweet recollection. Austin Chronicle writer Margaret Moser agreed to a full interview where she describes the musical landscape of Austin leading up the Dicks’ formation, as well as the personal impact their music had for her. Photographer Bill Daniel sent us some photos from the Dicks’ Texas years and Dave Ensminger and Ryan Richardson scanned examples from their flyer collections. The Dicks’ singer Gary Floyd took some questions via e-mail and Dicks bassist Buxf Parrot was interviewed on the phone."

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