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By Maria Boivent and Stephen Perkins, editors. With texts by Texts by Simon Anderson, Julien Blaine, Mark Bloch, Marie Boivent, Elizaveta Butakova-Kilgarriff, Brad Freeman, Emily Hage, John Held, Jr., Mike Mosher, Kirsten Olds, Stephen Perkins, Ana Radovanović; interviews with Charlton Burch and Doro Boehme.
DePere, WI and Rennes France, Éditions Provisoires and Plagiarist Press, 2015
Pages: 168
Dimensions: 5.5 in X 8 in
Cover: Paper
Binding: perfect-bound
Process: digital
Color: black ink
Edition size: 300
ISBN: 9782953402728

Great resource on artists' periodicals and a must for scholars! On a recent trip to Madison we were able to snag some of the very last copies of this publication from our old friend Stephen Perkins who co-edited this publication and co-organized the symposium that led to its creation. Some of the many publications referenced include Lightworks, Omnibus News, JAB, Bay Area Dadazines and punk zines, and so much more.

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This book gathers the papers presented at an international symposium on artists’ periodicals, organized by academical Marie Boivent and curator Stephen Perkins. It serves as a smart introduction to a broad range of publishing strategies adopted by artists and others who were experimenting across the field of periodical publishing in new and expanded ways from the 1960s onwards. This 168-page book contains 13 texts and 2 interviews that were presented at the international symposium “The Territories of Artists’ Periodicals” at University of Wisconsin-Green 

Jointly organized by Marie Boivent (Université Rennes 2, France) and Stephen Perkins (UW-Green Bay, USA) this conference sought to take the pulse of both the past and the contemporary history of artists’ periodicals. Structured around 5 chapters this book presents periodicals case studies, periodicals surveys, artists’ and publishers’ testimonies, issues of theory and practice, as well as themes related to archives and archiving. As a welcome addition to the literature on this long neglected field, it explores the various currents that constitute the territories of artists’ periodicals, as well as the accompanying difficulties in establishing the borders between different periodical currents.


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