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Laura Szumowski, with Jennifer Buchko
Chicago: Zoo Mouse Key Press, 2010
Pages: 60
Dimensions: 7 3/8 in X 4 1/8 in
Cover: soft
Binding: perfect-bound
Process: black and white offset with color cover
Edition size: unknown
ISBN: 0-9828224-0-1

Back in print with more pages, updated information, and a new cover!

We learned about Laura Szumowski's smart little illustrated books from the exhibition "EveryBody!: Visual resistance in feminist health movements, 1969-2009" curated by Bonnie Fortune at Ispace in Chicago and now we'll be carrying multiple books by this artist.

Chicago is a kick ass city to live in and this informative, easy to carry booklet will help you get the best out of many great things this place has to offer. We haven't been to every place that Laura and Jennifer suggest but we can fully endorse pretty much everything they selected that we have tried. Is Lula Cafe a place we have recommended eighty million times and continue to eat at frequently? Oh hell yes. Should you check out the diverse food offerings at The "Korean Market", AKA Chicago Food Corp., AKA Joong Boo Market on 3333 N. Kimball? Yes you should (but be careful in their crazy parking lot!). Has Brett Bloom from Temporary Services eaten more orders of biscuits and gravy from the Flying Saucer than should be gastronomically possible? So much so that it's a wonder they are still in business since he moved away from Chicago. Has Marc Fischer from Temporary Services consumed way too many malteds from the Tastee Freeze on Armitage? It's true. But this includes cultural offerings as well as food tips, including great advice on which museums are free and when. This would be a wise purchase for recent transplants to the city or people planning to visit.

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