By: Marc Fischer
Chicago, IL: Marc Fischer, 2016
Pages: 1
Dimensions: 11 in X 17 in
Cover: soft
Binding: none
Process:Risograph on 60 lb paper or similar stock
Color: 2 color Risograph
Edition Size: not editioned
ISBN: none

In the wake of the police shootings of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling, among many other police murders, these posters were created for use during a protest in Chicago on July 11, 2016. The poster was created very quickly: the language was briefly discussed among friends on social media, the design was another sprint, and a stack was printed on the Temporary Services RISO to take downtown, all in the space of about an hour. About forty copies were handed out to demonstrators and used during a protest march and sit in at various intersections that lasted several hours (see photos). Extra posters were printed after the fact, as people have expressed interest in getting copies. All proceeds will be used to print more posters that will be given away at future protests.

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