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By Impractical Labor
Bridgeport, CT: Impractical Labor, 2008
Pages: 8
Dimensions: 4.25 in X 11 in folded; 17 in X 11 in unfolded
Cover: Paper, self-cover
Binding: Hand-folded brochure
Process: Letterpress
Color: Pantone fluorescent red ink on white colored paper
Edition size: 500
ISBN: none

This beautifully produced brochure is one of two that we are featuring by Impractical Labor in Service of the Speculative Arts (ILSSA). This brochure folds out to examine the title questions with a short text and a massive dense list of found applications.


"What is craft, & why does it matter?

For answers, let's turn to the New York Public Library's reference collection. Or, rather, its online card catalogue. Books have been the primary agents of ideas these past 500 years, so a list of book titles resulting from a keyword search for 'craft' is a partial etymology of the word. And this is 'craft' not as abstractly defined as a dictionary definition, but rather as gainfully employed in books. Many, many, books."

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