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Miklós Erhardt
Belgrade: Gallery SKC, 2006
Pages: 74
Dimensions: 5" X 8"
Cover: soft
Binding: Perfect bound
Process: black and white offset
Edition size: unknown
ISBN: 86-80957-47-X

We love collaborating with other people, we love talking to people who work collaboratively, we love talking about collaboration with people who work collaboratively, and we love when other people also feel the impulse to talk to people about working collaboratively and then make books of their conversations! Our Hungarian friend Miklós Erhardt has made one such book and we are very happy to carry it.

With or Without Me includes great little interviews with TOmi Scheiderbauer, Oliver Ressler, Gil & Moti, Eva Egermann, Jiri Skála, Henrik Mayer, Djordje Balmazovic, Lasse Lau, Mai Abu ElDahab, Tammo Rist, Milica Tomic, and Gregory Sholette.

Forgoing images in favor of a direct presentation of these conversations (presented entirely in English), Miklos Erhardt gets right to the heart of collaboration and the interviews are a fascinating read whether you know the work of the artists interviewed or not. Of course Erhardt provides website URLs and quick intros for further investigation but part of what makes this book so useful and a lot of fun are the blunt questions he asks: "Have you ever been frustrated in a collaborative situation?", "Have you ever felt exploited in a collaborative situation?", "What kind of projects do you prefer to do alone?", "What do you think of compromises?", and "Are you limiting yourself when you work in a collective?"

It almost goes without saying but Half Letter Press is probably the only place you will find copies of this book in the United States.
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