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By Temporary Services
Chicago, IL: Temporary Services, 2012
Pages: 7 double-sided posters (56 booklet-size pages)
Dimensions: folded: 8.5 in x 5.5 in, unfolded: 11 in X 17 in
Cover: wrapped in a printed paper band
Binding: folded posters with printed paper band
Process: offset
Color: full color cover, full color insides
Edition Size: initial run of 700-1000 copies of each poster
ISBN: none

Since 1998, Temporary Services has made a publication for nearly every project we do. Usually it’s a half-letter size booklet, but when we want to print a lot of something and don’t have much money, we often make a poster booklet that folds down from 11 X 17 inches. This set includes 7 color offset poster booklets from 2005-2012:

Prisoners’ Inventions (2005)
Product Placements (2005)
Alexis Petroff (2005)
Personal Plastic (2008)
TS in Austin, TX (2008)
Half Letter Press (2008)
Supermax Subscriptions (2012)

Some of these posters are being offered for the first time since the events they were made for. Also included is our new poster for the project Supermax Subscriptions with Tamms Year Ten and Sarah Ross. A big chunk of cheap Temporary Services printed publications!

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