By Temporary Services, with Matteo Lucchetti and Judith Wielander
Biella, Italy: Visible Publishing, 2013
Pages: 24
Format: PDF

To kick off the first titles of the series we have invited the group Temporary Services (Brett Bloom, Salem Collo-Julin and Marc Fischer; shortlisted with their project Printed City for the first Visible award), to answer an interview in which we go through their personal history; that they very much based around the idea that publishing can be one of the most accessible and democratic tools to spread empowering artistic projects and their outcomes. Started in 1998 with the opening of an experimental exhibition space in Chicago, in a working class neighborhood, the group has been operating on an international scale for long time now, and maintaining publishing at the core of their activities to “provide art as a service to others; a way to pay attention to the social context in which art is produced and received”.                                              

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