By G.W. Sok (The Ex)
Chicago, IL: Temporary Services, April 2002
Pages: 32
Dimensions: 8.5" x 5.5"
Cover: soft
Binding: staple-bound
Process: offset
Color: black
Edition Size: approximately 1000
ISBN: 90-76154-06-6

For this booklet (#45) we reprinted essays by G.W. Sok, a member and vocalist of the Dutch music group The Ex. This 1989 essay was originally published in the book "Threat by Example" which is out of print and will not be reprinted. The essay includes a funny and caustic take on the corporate music industry as well as wonderful reflections on The Ex's group practice and their efforts to build and work in an ethical and independent international network. G.W. Sok has written a new introduction to the text and designed all new layout for the booklet. The Ex continue to inspire us all the time with new and exciting collaborations. A fascinating group that is not to be missed live and has an endless and rich back catalog of great recordings. Visit www.theex.nl to learn more and hear some of their music.

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