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By Journal of Aesthetics & Protest, Marz Har. editor.
Leipzig, Germany, Journal of Aesthetics & Protest
Pages: 10
Dimensions: 16.5 in X 11.5 in (folded in quarters)
Cover: Paper
Binding: sewn binding
Color: 4 color RISO
Edition size: unknown
ISBN: none
A whole new RISO and sewn-binding design adventure for our friends at JoAP who are always trying different things over the long haul of their radical writing and publishing practice. Here’s some background on this issue from the publisher:

"Issue 10 centers around the concept of a non-map. It's a non-cartography of what's meaningful in the time of climate change.

Climate Change will sensibly rearrange everything. In that way, there is no map.

On the fact of a changing climate, this issue overlooks the discourse, measurements, judgements of the anthropocene, capitalocene, chuthulucene, etc. Rather, its curatorial work begins by squarely encountering the necessary reorganization of life’s relationality suggested by what will be undone and remade in this scenario.

No map, only a key and points of interests. It also contains 5 essays which relate the issue's theme.

The points of interest are all the submissions we recieved from a December 2015 call with the Llano Del Rio Collective.

This issue also contains an essay introducing the five essays by Paula Cobo-Guevara, Amber Hickey, Mauvais Troupe, Brett Bloom, Rachel O’Reilly & Danny Butt."

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