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Edited by LTTR: Ginger Brooks Takahashi, K8 Hardy, Ulrike Müller, Emily Roysdon, and Lanka Tattersall
New York: Printed Matter, 2005
Pages: 80
Dimensions: 5.5 in x 8.5 in
Cover: soft
Binding: perfect bound
Process: digital
Color: full color and black and white throughout
Edition Size: unknown
ISBN: 0-89439-020-1

Traditional in form, radical in content, this issue of the annual queer feminist art journal, published through Printed Matter's Emerging Artist Publication Series challenges and inspires readers with 80 pages of experimental personal political writing and artwork.

Each copy of the soft-cover book comes with a limited edition glove made for LTTR by Liz Collins, a set of oracle coins by Nancy Brooks Brody, and a silk-screened print from Xylor Jane and Ginger Brooks Takahashi.

Other contributors include Vivian Babuts, Eden Batki, Anna Blume, Christoph Boots, Gregg Bordowitz, A.K. Burns, Moyra Davey, Discoteca Flaming Star, Harry Dodge, Johanna Fateman, Andrea Geyer, Anna Gollwitzer, Stephanie Gray, Tania Hammidi, Rodney Harrison, Derek Jackson, Jocelyn Jacobs, Stanya Kahn, Mary Kelly, Klara Liden, Shelley Marlow, Laura Parnes, Sarah Schulman, Anna Joy Springer, A.L. Steiner, Ridykeulous, Jeanne Stern, Lanka Tattersall, Tobaron Waxman, Matt Wolf, and Youngblood.

From Printed Matter's Emerging Artists Publication Series.

Note that these are probably the last copies we'll have of this beautiful title as the publisher is down to their final quantities. Related to this, we had to raise the price, as this now retails for $45.00. If you want a copy, don't delay because these won't last forever.

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