By Tim Devin
Somerville, MA, Free the Future Press, 2017
Pages: 108
Dimensions: 5.5 in X 8.5 in
Cover: Paper
Binding: staplebound
Process: B/W digital copying
Color: B/W
Edition size: unlimited
ISBN: none

Librarian, artist and boss researcher fiend Tim Devin returns with his second publication in Mapping Out Utopia. This issues focuses on 1970s counterculture in Boston, drawing on listings found in old countercultural directories and magazines. As before Tim outlines his findings, lays out some history, adds details about current property information, uses and values, and all kinds of other tasty nuggets of knowledge that will make you wonder what your own city once had and currently offers. A fascinating look at how cities evolve (or devolve, in many cases) and the kinds of spaces they may or may not continue to accommodate as priorities change.

From the publisher:

This volume offers overviews of almost 200 orgs, eleven hand-drawn maps, and a number of in-depth overviews on topics including Gay Liberation, black separatism, and church basements as countercultural command centers.

From Operation Black to the Recycling Revolutionary Coop, it's all in here.

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Mapping Out Book 2

Robert Cosgrove on 19th Apr 2022

I have lived in Boston since 1975 and this book brings back memories and provides info for some gaps in my early days here. I will say that Erewhon was still open at 342 Newbury St. and I shopped there until 1976.