By Bruce George Wingate / Public Collectors.
Chicago, IL, Public Collectors, 2020
Pages: 28
Dimensions: 5.5 in X 8.5 in
Cover: Paper
Binding: staplebound
Process: Risograph
Color: Two-color Risograph
Edition size: 225 (Second printing of 235 copies, December 2023)
ISBN: none

In 2017, after the passing of his father, musician and “minor 80s cult figure” Bruce George Wingate moved from Danbury, Connecticut to Central Florida to assist his 84-year-old mom. Not long after landing in The Sunshine State, Wingate began to post regular MOM UPDATES on Facebook detailing their conversations and life together. This booklet compiles a near complete collection of these status updates from the last few years.

Bruce George Wingate was one of the guitarists in the influential New Jersey hardcore band Adrenalin O.D. He has since played in The Brunch Mummies, New Reagans, The Earls of Sandwich, and Total Dick among other groups. His mom happily consented to the publication of these musings and exchanges and specifically chose Cherry as the optimal paper color for the cover. She is looking forward to sharing the booklet with her friends.

Note that due to Bruce's mom's love of crime stories, this booklet comes with a trigger warning for rape, gender violence, infant mortality, gun violence, vehicular manslaughter, and the macabre in general

This publication is preceded by five similarly-designed Public Collectors booklets that draw on texts from internet sources, featuring content that may soon disappear from view or has limited public access. Those publications are: GRAVE PLOTS (2019), SOLD AS BLANK / POSSIBLE LOST MEDIA (2019), STRETCH IS STILL SOFT (2018), 54 HITS FROM HELL by Blake Edwards (2018), and MATALICA TICKETS (2017).

*REPRINT NOTE: With Bruce Wingate's consent, the Cherry coverstock (which is not easily available anymore) has been replaced with French Bubblegum. The interior paper is now Orchid. 

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Chris T. on 3rd Mar 2021

I've known Bruce since the early '80s when our bands (his was Adrenalin OD, mine was The Nihilistics) regular crossed paths on NJ and NY stages. Many hours spent waiting to perform fostered our friendship and I always looked forward to Bruce's particular view of the world and his off-kilter sense of humor. He might be the funniest person to emerge from that early '80s NY & NJ hardcore scene. I'm thrilled he chose to document what comes out of Ma Wingate's piehole as it's amazing. THANK YOU, BRUCE!!!


B F on 26th Jan 2021

My mom loved it.

Mom Updates

Andy Theiss on 30th Nov 2020

Fun and Funny! These updates are so true and good they have to be real.

Mom Updates

Matt Bartlett on 30th Nov 2020

Laugh-out-loud funny. I'm a fan. I'd eagerly grab up any subsequent volumes.

Mom Updates is seriously great.

Todd Zimmer on 28th Nov 2020

I feel like I might have a different view of Mom Updates and its compiler, Bruce George Wingate since I know a lot of this material in its original form, so I'm going to write something a little different... Facebook is HORRIBLE. The connection is really important for us as humans though, so if we have to deal with the horrid mess that is social media, we may as well highlight the good that it can do. Mom Updates come from the GOOD that social media can do. Yes, these are all posts from Facebook bound in a lightly illustrated volume, printed on nice paper with decent typesetting (these things are very important to me). The posts are extracted from situations and lopsided conversations that manage to incorporate cultural triggers in a way that still warm a cold heart and jaded soul. In a time and place such as the here and now I want to curl up next to a window on a chilly day with some natural light and smile and laugh a little. That's really nice! That's Mom Updates!