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Kristin Lucas
Chicago: Soberscove Press, 2010
Pages: 16
Dimensions: 4.25 in X 5.5 in
Cover: soft
Binding: staple-bound
Process: black and white offset inside
Edition size: 1000
ISBN: 978-0-9824090-2-2

From page 2 of Refresh:

"On October 5, 2007, Kristin Lucas became the most current version of herself when she succeeded in legally changing her name from Kristin Sue Lucas to Kristin Sue Lucas in a Superior Court of California courtroom. On the name change petition that she submitted, she wrote 'Refresh' as the reason for the change."

This small artist book from Chicago publishers Soberscove documents this fascinating, and pretty damn hilarious intersection between art and law. The booklet, though only 16 pages, serves as a complete document of the legal proceedings of Kristin Lucas' request including court transcripts, two court room drawings, and a reproduction of the Public Notice regarding the case that appeared in The Oakland Tribune. The openness of the Judge in this case to actually seriously ponder Lucas' request is really something special. We are very happy that a book was produced for this highly original project.

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