By: Temporary Services
Chicago: Temporary Services, March 2006, Reprinted June 2015
Pages: 16
Dimensions: 5.5 in” x 8.5” in
Cover: soft cover
Binding: staple bound
Color: three color cover and black interior 
Edition Size: 247
ISBN: none

Back in print for the first time in years! Now that we have a RISOGRAPH and can reprint our older photocopied stuff whenever the mood strikes, we figured we should make this little resource guide available again in a fresh new reprint. Out with the photocopy on pink paper and in with the RISO with a three color cover on yellow paper. 

This booklet will guide you to dozens of excellent texts, books and websites from three areas of concentration. First there is the bibliography from our Mobile Sign Systems project booklet from 1999, which shares the details of many books on creating in public places that were foundational texts for us. 

Secondly, there is the massive Critical Mass, An Activist Art Bibliography. This list was originally compiled by Alan W. Moore in 2002. It is a bibliography based on reference materials that were made available to visitors to the exhibition Critical Mass, a group show curated by Stephanie Smith for the Smart Museum of Art in Chicago. Other additions to the bibliography were made by Wendy Jacob and Laurie Palmer, Robert Peters, Gregory Sholette, and Temporary Services. 

The third bibliography compiles all of the books we've included in the Prisoners' Inventions exhibition reading area (compiled in 2005-2006). A number of internet articles related to creativity by incarcerated people fills out the booklet. 



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