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By Marc Fischer / Public Collectors.
Chicago, IL, Public Collectors, 2020
Pages: 4
Dimensions: 7 in X 8.5 in
Cover: Paper
Binding: Single folded sheet
Process: Risograph
Color: one-color Risograph
Edition size: 500
ISBN: none

Chest Wound To The Chest  is a text that was drawn from more extensive daily notes made while listening to the police scanner in Chicago for 75 days straight between September 10, 2020 and November 23, 2020. The larger project PUBLIC COLLECTORS POLICE SCANNER was a meditation on policing in America (and Chicago specifically) with an eye toward an abolitionist future where we no longer depend on police forces to solve common social problems. Listening to the dispatchers and police was an opportunity to better understand what people call the police for and the role of the dispatcher in initiating police responses to citizen and business requests and complaints. All statements were written down, to the best of my ability, as they were spoken by dispatchers or police officers. This text derived from many unrelated incidents and was not a continuous narrative. 

– Marc Fischer / Public Collectors

To see the notes in their original form, visit:  publiccollectors.tumblr.com/tagged/Police-Scanner

This text was created for a public-facing LED sign for the project Reports curated by Maximilian Goldfarb at Incident Report, the storefront space of The Flow Chart Foundation (located at 348 Warren Street, in Hudson, NY). Incident Report has engaged in formally arranged projects as well as improvised situations for more than a decade. Reports features a publication series displaying poetry, notation, transcription, weather reports, manifestos, public address, inventories, event scores, recipes, news, elegies, missives, codes, prayers, instructions, lyrics and more.

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