By Lloyd Kahn, Shelter Publications, CA, 2004
Pages: 256
Dimensions: 9 in X 12 in
Cover: Paper
Binding: Perfectbound
Process: Offset
Color: Full color
Edition size: unknown
ISBN: 9780936070339

Lloyd Kahn's books have long inspired our group Temporary Services and we include a couple of them (like this one) in our project Self-Reliance Library. Nearly 90 years old as we type this, Kahn is still writing, still curious, still exploring, still documenting, and still publishing. We thought that supporting his work was long overdue so we are finally carrying some of his books. Please buy them so we can carry more! Here's a little on this absolutely photo-PACKED book from the publisher:

Home Work is our sequel to Shelter and illustrates new and even more imaginative ways to put a roof over your head, some of which were inspired by Shelter itself. 

What Shelter was to ’60s counterculture, Home Work is to the “green building revolution,” and more. From yurts to caves to tree houses to tents, thatched houses, glass houses, nomadic homes, and riverboats, each handbuilt dwelling finds itself at one with its environment, using natural materials.

Book includes:

  • Master builder Louie Frazier’s Japanese-style pole house in Northern California, reachable on a 500-foot cable across a river 
  • Ian MacLeod’s handbuilt stone house in South Africa, where baboons jump on the roof at night 
  • Ma Page’s bottle house in the Nevada desert 
  • Artist Michael Kahn’s semi-subterranean sculptural village in Arizona 
  • Bill and Athena Steen’s strawbale houses 
  • Ianto Evans’ cob houses in Oregon 
  • The Archlibre group of countercultural builders in the French Pyrenees 
  • Bill Coperthwaite’s spectacular 3-story yurt in the Maine woods 
  • Bill Castle’s finely-crafted log home and sauna in the NY Appalachians 
  • A commune in the Tennessee mountains 
  • The “Flying Concrete” brothers in Mexico and their far-out sculptural structures 
  • Barns in California, Washington, and Connecticut 
  • Photo-essays of Lloyd Kahn’s trips to Nevada, the Mississippi Delta, Costa Rica, Nova Scotia, and Baja California 
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