Edited by Temporary Services
Temporary Services with funding from Creative Time, New York, 2011
Pages: 24
Dimensions: 11 1/2 in x 12 5/8 in
Cover: newsprint
Binding: folded
Process: offset
Color: 2 color cover and center spread, black ink otherwise
Edition Size: 10,000
ISBN: None

Our ongoing investigation of the intersection of art, labor, economics, and the production of unexpected social experiences has led us to initiate this new project we call MARKET. The project creates space for direct conversations and reflections on the many diverse ways in which we make our world, and the kinds of social, economic, and cultural relationships we want to foster in our daily exchanges with others.

MARKET provides indoor market stalls for a range of people and practices that are not often included in traditional marketplace settings. Table space is provided to people and groups that have demonstrated a commitment to the Lower East Side. Participants are included regardless of the economic intention or viability of their practice (the usual criteria for participation in a market). We have asked groups and individuals to participate that do not have a public office or cannot afford rental property, neighborhood spaces that do rent real estate but could use a boost in visibility or a change of audience, individuals that operate outside of typical capitalist economies, local experts, organizations that have heavily documented culture from the neighborhood, seasonal vendors and single-person enterprises, and others who add to the eclectic and dynamic energy of the area.

This newspaper was created for MARKET, a project by Temporary Services housed in the exhibition Living As Form, organized by Creative Time, in the Old Essex Street Market in New York City's Lower East Side. The paper includes a large new essay by Temporary Services, along with writings (mostly also new) and images by nearly every participant in our project. The paper also functions as a snapshot of great people and initiatives that call the Lower East Side home.

Contributors and contents of the MARKET newspaper:

Picture the Homeless, Gregory Sholette, Cake Shop, Fly, House Magic Bureau of Foreign Corresponence (Alan W. Moore), Downtown Community Television Center, Jim's Pepper Roaster, Howl! Arts, Place Matters, Lower East Side Printshop, ABC No Rio, Save the Essex Street Market, Street Vendor Project, World War 3 Illustrated, Thin Air Media, Revered Billy and the Church of Earthalujah, Cuchifritos, Hester Street Collaborative & The Waterfront on Wheels, Bluestockings, Lower East Side Peoples' Federal Credit Union, SPURA & The City Studio (Gabrielle Bendiner-Viani, Buscanda & New School's Urban Studies Program, Bullet Space, Damon Rich, Time's Up!, Lower East Side History Project, Local Spokes, Dias Y Flores Community Garden, Boweryboogie.com, Millenium Film Workshop, Reverend Jen's Lower East Side Troll Museum, Gold Old Lower East Side, Lower East Side Community Supported Agriculture, The Lower East Side Squatter-Homesteader Archive Project, Communist Guide to New York City by Yevgeniy Fiks, Alphabet City Acupuncture, Chippy Design, Tzadik, a compilation of selected music from or about the LES, Allied Productions, Skin by Kira, and Anton Van Dalen.

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